Jomalig Island | Promised Land


Jomalig Island | Promised Land

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Jomalig Island is one of the tourist destinations in the province of Quezon. It is considered as the best beach in Quezon. It has been getting rave reviews from bloggers and travelers because of its beauty and serenity – its crystal clear water and powdery golden beach.


dock area

We left Manila around 4:30 AM and took the Manila East road via Antipolo. We took our breakfast somewhere in Famy Laguna which was recommended by our Driver.

We resumed our ride around 7:30 AM and reached the Port at exactly 8:30 AM. Pump boat operates regularly to Jomalig Island. The 1st trip is scheduled around 4-5AM and last trip is scheduled around 8-9AM.


the ride bow!

It was a very uncomfortable ride since we didn’t exactly mark our space and while other people are quite comfortable lying on the 2nd floor of the boat, me and my friends were actually not so comfy and had to endure those 4-5 hours of bumpy ride, which is the time that it takes from Port Real to Jomalig Island.

Something unique about this bumpy ride is the food that they offer. The food on the boat is great. It was included on the boat fee. So whether you like it or not food will be serves in front of you.


Habal Habal Ride

As the boat came nearer the shore, I just couldn’t help myself but say, “Wow!”. We were welcomed by clear turquoise water, it was gorgeous and the water was clear.

enjoying the beach

We could almost see the small fishes swimming. And of course, the best part was the powdery golden sand!. Some are saying, it is as beautiful as Boracay but definitely more peaceful, unspoiled and still uncommercialized.

SPIR Resorts

Upon arriving, there’s a Nipa Hut where the local tourism is waiting for the all guest to register. All the fees such as environmental fee, registration fee and so on are there except the fees for the Cottages/Resorts that you chose to stay.

The next exciting thing is the Habal-Habal ride going to different Resorts. Habal-Habal is available as this is the only available way of transportation in the Island.

Beach Volleyball

We stayed at “SPIR Resorts” where we avail also their “Paluto Promo”.  Nipa hut is available that good for 10 persons. So if your group exceeded in 10, a “Cabana” is available as well as the tents.



Residents used solar power for their generators to light up the area and pump potable water. There is no air-conditioning or fans, only power sockets in the huts (videoke area)  but there are clean restrooms.

Island Hopping

The best thing about this beach, it is secluded and still unspoiled. It’s mandatory to disconnect as there’s a limited signal at the beach. Though there are some part that signal is good where you can upload your latest picture lol.

Mini Boracay

At night, since mobile phone signal is limited. It is the best time to actually interact, talk and bond.


enjoying the night

On our second day, we took a pump boat to explore the nearby island. It is also highly recommended to try island hopping wherein you will experience “Mini Batanes and Mini Boracay”. Just prepare a 30php/per pax for an entrance fee. In these islands you will enjoy fine white sand and clear waters. It is advisable to do it early morning.

Salibungot Beach

the other side of Mini Boracay

You may get some phone service at the Mini Batanes which is about 5 minutes of hike. The scenery there is equally breathtaking. I would’ve wanted to stay longer because of the time it takes to get there.

snorkeling area

I heart Jomalig

This long stretch of powdery golden sand beach is called Salibungot Beach located near the main dock area of the island is considered as the main attraction in Jomalig.

I heart Jomalig

Everyone will fall in love with the fine, golden sand; clear waters; clear blue skies; great people and breathtaking views.

beach hopping


If you’re looking for a place to just unplug from the city life, well Jomalig is definitely for you. It has this majestic appeal that leaves you breathless by its beauty.

Let’s eat!

The locals are very friendly and accommodating. I do hope to have the chance to come back to this paradise. It’s just wonderful!. Till next time and safe travels!

Group Picture


Itinerary (3days and 2nights)

Day 1
0400 – Assembly at Boni Caltex
0500 – ETD Real Port (via rented Van)
0700 – Stop-over Famy Laguna(Breakfast)
0730 – Resume ride
0830 – ETA Real Port (buy supplies/snacks)
0930 – ETD Jomalig Island
1400 – ETA Jomalig Island (Register)
1415 – Habal Habal ride to resorts
1430 – ETA Spir Resorts
1500 – Free Time / Siesta
1600 – Explore the area / beach hopping
1800 – Wash-up / Prepare Food
1900 – Dinner
2000 – Socials
2200 – Lights out

Day 2

0500 – Wake-up Call
0600 – Breakfast
0700 – Island Hopping
1200 – Lunch at Salibungot Beach
1400 – Head Back to Spir Resorts
1500 – Other Activity ? Beach Volley Ball
1700 – Wash-up / Free Time
1800 – Prepare Dinner
1900 – Dinner
2000 – Socials
2200 – Lights out

Day 3
0500 – Wake-up Call
0600 – Breakfast
0700 – Wait for 1st Trip bacj to Reak Port
0800 – ETD Real Port
1300 – ETA Real Port
1330 – ETD Manila
1700 – ETA Manila

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